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            In keeping with its mission to provide materials and services for all members of the community, the Bethel Public Library offers delivery and pick up of Library materials to any Bethel resident who is homebound.  “Homebound” is defined as someone who, because of a physical or mental disability, is unable to visit the Library on his/her own without assistance, and does not have anyone who can pick up or deliver materials to him/her on a regular basis. The inability to use the Library in person may be of a permanent or temporary nature. People with a short term need for homebound library service will be eligible for consideration.


            Patrons receiving homebound services must provide a safe and appropriate environment for volunteers who make deliveries to their homes and must abide by the Home Delivery Service Code of Conduct.


            Bethel residents who are deemed eligible will be considered for homebound delivery service. Eligibility requirements include, but may not be limited to:


1.      being unable to visit the Library on one’s own due to a physical or mental disability, and/or

2.      a long or short term illness,

3.      being a senior citizen, age 65 or older, who does not drive and is recommended for eligibility.


            Eligibility will be determined by the Library Director.


Policy Effective Date, Amendments, and Revisions:


            This policy is effective upon approval of the Library Board of Directors.  Amendments and/or revisions to this policy shall be formulated and recommended to the Board by the Policy Committee.  The policy may then be amended and/or revised at the regular meeting of the Board, following the meeting at which the amendment and/or revision was proposed.




Approved by the Bethel Library Board of Directors                         May 18, 2015