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Patrons receiving homebound services must provide a safe and appropriate environment for volunteers who make deliveries to their homes and patrons must protect all library materials while in their custody. Volunteers may choose not to enter a home, to leave a home immediately and/or to recommend suspension of the service unless the following conditions are met.


1.       Pets must be confined, with the exception of service animals trained to assist a disabled person.


2.       A clear and safe path to the home must be provided.


3.       Any person in the home must not be dressed in revealing attire.

4.       Any person in the home must not use abusive or obscene language, make obscene gestures or display obscene images to Library representatives.

5.       Any person in the home must not threaten or harass the Library’s representative.

6.       If any person in the home is experiencing illness that may jeopardize the health of the Library’s representative, the Library must be notified beforehand.

7.       Any person must not be smoking in the home at the time of the Library’s delivery.

8.       Any person must not be engaging in any illegal activity in the home at the time of the Library’s delivery.

9.       Library materials must not be willfully defaced, mutilated or damaged while in the possession of the homebound person.  The Library will assess replacement costs for any such damage.

10.   Conditions in the home must be considered safe and sanitary by the Library’s representative.


If a volunteer must leave the home, deny service or recommends suspension of service because the occurrence of any of the above, the volunteer shall provide the Library Director with notice of why such action occurred together with any recommendation for length of suspension of service.



Endorsed by the Library Board of Directors                          May 18, 2015