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            Bethel Public Library cards are issued free to institutions with offices within Bethel town limits for use in the Bethel Public Library only.  The Library Board may make exceptions for institutions outside of Bethel.  “Institution” for the purpose of this policy is defined as an entity that serves a population that lives within the institution.


            Requests for an institutional card must be made in writing on official letterhead and signed by the officer or person who will assume responsibility for any and all items borrowed against said card, as well as for any and all fines, losses, damages, or assessments against said card.  Said official must also complete a library registration form.  The card will be issued jointly in the name of the institution and the official applying.  The card is for use by the institution only and not for personal use by any employees.  Use of the card is subject to the rules of Bethel Public Library governing the borrowing of library materials.




1.      There is a limit of 100 items that may be checked out on the institution’s library card at any given time.  Once this limit is reached, no additional items may be borrowed until the total number of items that are out falls below 100.


2.      Items may be borrowed for the regular loan periods currently set for these items.  In general, high demand items with long reserve lists circulate for 14 days and may not be renewed.  Most other items circulate for 21 days and may be renewed once for another 21-day period.  No item may be renewed more than once.


3.      Reserves may be placed on items owned by Bethel Public Library and will be placed in the hold queue according to when the request was received.  High demand items must consistently be returned on time or the privilege of placing holds on these items may be suspended.






1.      Overdue fines will accumulate for materials that are returned after the due date according to the Library’s overdue fine schedule.  However, overdue fines will be waived when the items are returned.


2.      Replacement costs for lost and/or damaged items will be charged according to the Library’s replacement fee schedule.  Materials are considered lost when they are 6 weeks overdue.


3.      If the total accumulation of overdue fines and replacement costs reaches or exceeds $25.00 borrowing privileges will be suspended until items are returned or replacement costs are paid.


4.      The borrowing library assumes responsibility for collecting payment for lost or damaged materials and for reimbursing Bethel Public Library for those amounts.





1.      Materials not owned by the Bethel Public Library may be requested through interlibrary loan in accordance with loan policies adopted by the Bethel Public Library Board of Directors, including but not limited to those outlined below.


2.      Interlibrary loan requests must be in writing, with complete bibliographic citations, and submitted on forms used by the Library. Interlibrary loan requests may be submitted to the Interlibrary Loan Assistant in person or via mail, fax, or email.  No more than 5 requests will be accepted at one time, with no more than 20 requests accepted within a 30-day period. Requests will be accepted for books and periodical articles only.  No requests will be accepted for non-print items, best sellers, active reserves, or other materials likely to be in high demand by Bethel residents.


3.      Bethel Public Library staff will search all available resources in attempts to fill requests from sources within Connecticut without charge to the borrowing library.  However, there may be cases when it is necessary to go out of state or when the lending library levies a fee to the borrowing library.  In such cases, the institution will be notified that a charge will apply.  The institution may at that time decide not to pursue the loan.  If the institution decides to go forward with the loan, all fees associated with the transaction that are charged to the Bethel Public Library by the lending institution will be passed on to the borrowing institution for reimbursement to the Bethel Public Library.  If possible, the borrowing library will be notified as to the amount of the fee before the request is made.




4.      Interlibrary loan materials are delivered to the Bethel Public Library by the lending library.  Materials are charged to the borrowing institution for a 21-day period.  Special requests for extended loans or for a 14-day renewal must be discussed with the interlibrary loan staff, who will make the request of the lending institution.  The borrowing institution is responsible for transporting materials between Bethel Public Library and said institution.


5.      Overdue fines and replacement fees for lost and/or damaged interlibrary loan materials are set by the lending library and will be charged to the borrowing institution.  The borrowing institution assumes responsibility for collecting payment for all fines and fees and for reimbursing Bethel Public Library for those amounts.






























Approved by the Library Board                     October 23, 2000