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The Seelye Family Local History Room and collection are available for use by patrons who need a quiet study area or who are doing local history or genealogical research. Since it would be nearly impossible to replace many of the materials in this room if they were lost or damaged, anyone using the resources of this room, whether for quiet study, reading, research, meeting, program or for any other reason, must abide by the rules and procedures outlined in this document.† These rules and procedures will be strictly enforced in order to maintain the security of the room and the materials within, and to ensure continued availability and access for all.




1.      The Seelye Family Local History Room is open to the public only when staffed by Library personnel at specified times during regular Library hours.


2.      The Local History Room is kept locked when not open to the public.† Access may be requested by appointment when the room is not open for general use.


3.      Selected materials may be obtained from the room by Library staff for the patron to use when the room is closed.

         Materials must be used at the Reference Desk.

         Library staff may request and hold valid identification such as a driverís license or library card while the patron is using these materials.

         Library staff will note the materials that are being used and by whom.

         The patron must return materials directly to Library staff at the Reference Desk.



4.      Patrons must sign in once they have entered the room.†

         The sign-in book is kept at the Local History Room public service desk.

         A library card, driverís license, or other valid identification may be requested at the time of sign-in.


5.      No briefcases, purses or bags are allowed in the room. The Library provides lockers for patrons to store these items, as well as locks and keys. Lockers are located near the restroom outside the Local History Room.


6.      Patrons may use their laptops in the room, but they must be removed from their cases.† Cases may be stored in a locker.


7.      Cell phones must be turned off.


8.      No food or drink is allowed in the room.


9.      The Library reserves the right to inspect a patronís personal property when leaving the room.


10.  The Local History Room may be used for small meetings or programs at the discretion of the Library Director.† Interested parties may speak with the Director and must complete a Meeting Room Use form.




1.      Only Library staff may remove items from the Local History Room.


2.      Local History collection items that are catalogued as circulating materials are located in the Adult Reference area. These may be borrowed on the patronís valid public library card in accordance with the Libraryís Circulation Policy.


3.      Patrons are expected to handle all items with care.† Patrons may be asked to wear gloves when handling rare, fragile, and/or valuable materials.


4.      Patrons will use only pencils when in the room.


5.      Staff may limit the number of materials that patrons may use at one time.†


6.      Patrons will leave items on the table or counter when finished using them.† These will be re-shelved by Library staff.


7.      Some materials may be photocopied, at patronsí expense and at the discretion of Library staff.† No other form of electronic duplication is allowed, including scanning or taking photographs.

         Some materials may be copied for patrons only by Library staff and only if copying can be done without harming the original material.

         Duplication does not constitute permission to publish.

         Copies are allowed only for individual research.†

         The patron assumes all responsibility regarding copyright.




The Seelye Family Local History Room is monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras. The Local History Room is kept locked when not open to the public.† Some of the collection may be housed in locked cabinets.†


Endorsed by the Library Board†††††††††† September 24, 2012††††††††††††††