Bethel Public Library

189 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, CT 06801

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            It is part of the Bethel Public Library’s function to provide access to intellectual and cultural resources to the community.  The display space in the Bethel Public Library shall be used for artistic, cultural, and information purposes in keeping with these library goals.


            Exhibits of library materials and activities will be given first consideration.  Local artists and community organizations are encouraged to offer exhibits of artistic, cultural or informational merit.  Persons and groups outside of Bethel are invited to exhibit, when their work would be of general interest to the Bethel community.


            The Library is not responsible and will not be held liable for any items owned by the exhibitor while they are being displayed at the Library.


Policy Effective Date, Amendments, and Revisions:


            This policy is effective upon approval of the Library Board of Directors. Amendments and/or revisions to these policies shall be formulated and recommended to the Board by the Policy Committee.  They may then be amended and/or revised at any regular meeting of the Board, provided proper hearing of 30 days has been given.














Approved by the Library Board of Directors             July 22, 2002