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1.      The Bethel Public Library, from time to time, makes available to the public areas for exhibits/displays.


2.      All exhibits/displays are subject to the approval of the Library Director and/or the Library Board of Directors and will be accepted or rejected in their sole discretion based on the exhibits'/displays' artistic, cultural, and/or informational merit.


3.      All exhibitors must complete a display application and should check with the library for available dates. Applications for displays are made through the Adult Services Librarian in the Reference area and are on a first-come, first-served basis or as otherwise decided upon by the library.


4.      All exhibitors must sign an “Exhibit Release Form” freeing the library from any responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction of exhibited items while they are being displayed at the library.  Regular library security will be given to the display; however the library provides no insurance.


5.      Exhibitors are responsible for the setting up and dismantling of their exhibits/displays.  Items are normally kept on display for one calendar month.  It is required that all items exhibited remain in the library and on display for the length of the exhibit, regardless of whether one or more items may have been sold while on display.  The Library Director shall have the right to discard or otherwise dispose of any exhibits/displays that are not dismantled and removed from the Library in a timely fashion, and shall not, in such event, be responsible for the value of these discarded or disposed of items.


6.      Exhibitors are responsible for repair/replacement if the display case is damaged during set-up or removal of display items.


7.      Exhibits/displays will be available to the public during regular library hours.


8.      Items on display may not be purchased in the library itself.  No provision will be made for the taking of orders or for joining the organization that provides the display. 


9.      Exhibitors are responsible for all publicity material relating to the exhibits/displays, which shall be submitted for approval by the library.  Publicity written by library staff will be done in consultation with the exhibitor and based on the information provided.


10.  The Library Director and the Library Board of Directors must approve any exceptions to these guidelines.


Approved by the Library Board of Directors             July 22, 2002