1.    Who May Use:  Anyone who has a valid library card from his or her hometown library may use the computer workstations.  Anyone who does not have a valid library card, may be eligible for a one-time use only guest pass. Please speak with the staff person at the service desk to sign on to a computer.


Use by Children: Children ages 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult while using computers.  Children ages 12 and under are strongly encouraged to use the workstations in the Children’s Library.


Use by Young Adults: Young adults in grades 6-12 are strongly encouraged to use the computers in the Teen Library.


2.    Time Limits:  The Library employs time management software that restricts each session to 1 hour.  Patrons may logon for a maximum of six sessions per day. When others are waiting, user sessions will be limited to one.  If you wish to use a computer but all workstations are in use, please register at the staff service desk on the level where you wish to use the computer.


3.    Reservations:  Workstations may be reserved up to 24 hours in advance for a time period of up to 60 minutes.


4.    Printing Charges:  Printing charges are 20 cents per page for black and white copies and 60 cents per page for color copies. 


5.    Number of Users at a Workstation:  The Library may limit the number of people using the same workstation at the same time.


6.    Uploading/Downloading:  Uploading/Downloading software onto the library’s computers is not permitted.  Downloading to a CD, DVD or USB drive is permitted.  Please see the staff member at the service desk to purchase disks or USB drives.


7.    Staff Assistance:  The Library staff can assist you in the use of the Library’s computers and peripheral equipment.  However, users should have basic computer skills.  Those needing substantial help are encouraged to sign up for one of the many instructional classes offered at the Library.  Please see staff for details and a schedule. 


8.    Problems:  Patrons experiencing usage problems on the computer should speak with a staff member.  Please do not re-boot any computer.


9.    Inappropriate Uses:  The library’s computer workstations are not to be used for illegal, harmful, or damaging purposes; may not be used to access potentially offensive information or images; and must be used in compliance with these rules and with Library policy in general.    Please read the Library’s Policy on Public Internet Access which identifies specific actions and uses that could result in the loss of a user’s Internet or workstation privileges. Please see staff at the service desk for a policy brochure.