How to Participate in Summer Reading

1. Sign into Beanstack. If you have participated in previous Summer Reading Challenges, you already have an account. If you don’t remember your password, click “forgot password” on the sign in page. Beanstack will e-mail you with instructions for resetting your password. You can also ask a library staff member for assistance.

2. Set a reading goal. How many minutes or pages will you read every day? Each day that you’ve achieved your reading goal, you’ll log your reading in Beanstack. 

3. Sign into Beanstack using your computer or the free Beanstack Tracker app. On your computer, select “Log Reading and Activities” in the top left corner of your screen. On your app, select the bottom center button with a plus sign. Choose “reading” and then select the family member or members you are logging for. If you are using the app, select or enter the title of the book you are logging for. Then click “log reading” and enter the information for the day you are logging for.  If you forgot to log for a few days, you can backdate your log so you never miss a day. Your child will earn a digital badge for every 5 days logged!

4. We also have fun activity badges you can earn. Complete challenges such as viewing our Story Walk, watching an educational video, participating in a library program, and more. How many activities can you finish before the end of the summer?

5. Each digital badge earned in Beanstack counts as an entry into our end-of-summer raffle! Earn 12 badges to complete the program and earn a small prize. When you have qualified for a prize, you will be notified by the e-mail you provided when you signed up.

End of Summer Raffle Prize Themes