The Bethel Public Library was founded in 1909 with a bequest of $2,000 and some books from Maria Parloa, a prominent Bethel citizen. It was located in a couple of rooms above a local store and was open 8 hours per week. Today, for little more than one penny of each tax dollar you pay the town of Bethel, the Library offers over 100 different services, and we are adding to and updating our services all the time based

Adult Services Department:

  • Receive answers to your questions in person, by telephone, email or online.
  • Attend educational and entertainment programs designed for adults.
  • Learn how to use a mouse, create a Word document, or search the Internet.
  • Find information on local government and town history.
  • Research your family’s genealogy.
  • Pick up tax forms.
  • Use a photocopier.

Children Services Department:

  • Attend storytimes sessions for children ages 0-8.
  • Attend creative and fun programs for elementary school-aged children.
  • Participate in Summer Reading Programs and enjoy games, prizes and a party, too!
  • Find the books you need for school assignments.
  • Explore Internet websites designed especially for parents & kids.
  • Receive help with your homework and get answers to your questions.
  • Find information on books and authors.
  • Use a computer to write a letter, do your homework, or play a game.

Teen Services Department:

  • Books, movies, music, and audio books for grades 7-12
  • Creative and fun programs designed especially for teens.
  • The books you need to complete your summer reading assignment for school
  • Useful websites and databases for homework and for fun
  • Volunteer opportunities