Job Search Basics

Looking for employment in today’s highly competitive job market is not easy. There are so many good candidates competing for the same position today, that landing your “dream job” is becoming more and more difficult. you will not have much job-search success unless you know how to uncover as many leads as possible, act on those leads, and then follow-up. Job leads are the lifeblood of the job-search process. While the best job leads will come from your network, you should also use traditional and emerging tools to uncover as many leads as possible.

The job market can be hard to crack, no matter your age or experience. Start by networking and searching online for job openings, tailoring your resume and cover letter to match what employers are seeking, and then sending in stand-out applications. The process may seem daunting but mastering these job search tips can help increase your job opportunities.

In this class, get an overview of looking for a job online. We cover online classified sites, job search sites, company sites, and staying safe from scams:

Gain a better understanding of the CT labor market.

You can work with a career coach through the Goodwill Career Center to get help planning your next steps—and they offer virtual services

Make sure your resume is up to date with these helpful guides for successful resumes before you start your online job search.