Ladies Library Auxiliary

On December 10, 1909, a ladies auxiliary was formed and the following officers were elected: Mrs. Robert C. Keeler, President. Mrs. H.L. Slack, Vice President. Frances P. Coulter, Secretary. Mrs. Cady R. Morse, Treasurer. A drive was immediately started to secure books from the people of Bethel. Solicitors were appointed to canvass every street in town.

They report that the formal opening of the new Library took place in rooms over a store on Center Street (now Greenwood Avenue). A parlor room was also provided, adjoining the library room by Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Tomlinson.

A Danbury News Times tribute December 29, 1941, to Mrs. Jennie A. Keeler who had served as President of this organization since 1909 and on the Board of Directors since 1938, said:

No adequate payment could have been given for the services of Mrs. Keeler rendered so faithfully, so lovingly, so unostentatiously, nor any estimate be made of the riches her devotion contributed to the work.

To Mrs. Keeler and the other members of the Ladies Auxiliary goes much of the credit for the organization and development of Bethel’s Library of which all Bethel can be proud.

Compiled from notes loaned by Katherine LaValla.