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Are you interested in volunteering at the Library? Please fill out the application form below, and submit online.

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    In general, volunteers are assigned to assist with shelving books and other materials, keeping books in order on the shelves, and assisting with clerical and technical tasks in the various departments. From time to time the Library needs volunteers to meet specific needs. Please indicate the areas that interest you. Not all volunteer positions listed here are available at all times.

    Working with childrenAssisting with Summer Reading programWorking with teensWorking with technologyTeaching basic technology skillsTeaching a craftOffice workMaintain Library ScrapbookAssisting with book saleWorking in Book Cellar book storeAssisting with garden maintenanceDelivery of materials to homebound patrons

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    The applicant must come to the library to sign the application before work begins.

    The Bethel Public Library reserves the right to limit the number of active volunteers at any one time.

    Note: Library volunteers are not covered under the town’s Workers’ Compensation policy because they do not meet the definition of employees of the Town. If injured, I will look solely to my own medical insurance or other insurance of mine to pay for the treatment of my injuries.

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    Please note: Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), if requested, the Bethel Public Library must disclose the names/email addresses that are provided for the purpose of receiving email fliers and newsletters. Information provided to receive overdue notices and hold notices via email is confidential by law and is not subject to FOIA. If you have any questions, please contact the Library Director: 203-794-8756 x6.

    Volunteer application also available in accessible HTML format, and printable PDF format:

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