October 13, 2019 By Technology Bethel Off

“Art & Text” with ArtSpace

Artwork by Katie Dygon, on display at the Bethel Public Library until December 2019.

From the artist: “This project started from an interest in fashion, technology, and where they can meet. I started researching by looking for different computer programs that I could use for my work. I already knew I liked designing patterns and once I discovered I could do so with Processing, I was hooked. After a few months of learning and writing code, I started producing patterns that were put onto fabrics and made into various accessories (scarves, headbands, etc.) as well as creating posters showcasing the code with the pattern it created. This poster has a repeated pattern that was coded in Processing, with the code snippet at the bottom left corner.” 

“Art & Text” will be on display until December 2019. For more information about this exhibit and our gallery spaces, visit our blog.