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Save the Children “Gifts of Joy” Results

Children visiting the Bethel Public Library in November got an introduction to voting by choosing their favorite farm animals.

In addition to a fun exercise, their vote had a deeper purpose. A small grant provided funds to support Save the Children‘s 2018 “Gifts of Joy” campaign, which supplies small farm animals to poor families around the world. The animals provide a much-needed source of food, as well as offering an opportunity to sell the excess products for other family needs, such as school fees. The donor wished to enlist the help of the children in selecting which animals to donate. The Library received thirty-seven ballots between Election Day and Thanksgiving, and the results were announced in the Library on National Giving Day. 

The winners:

1st place – Rabbits

2nd place – Chicks

3rd place – Lamb

The value of the grant means that all three of these animals can be donated and more than one family will be helped. Post-election polling indicated that many voters gave much thought to their selections, considering which animals might provide the greatest potential for income and food. Voters were also asked what they would name their choices. Their suggestions will be passed along to Save the Children.

Order of remaining candidates:

Cow  (4th place)

Goat / Duck  (tied for 5th place)

Donkey / Pig  (tied for 6th place)

Ballots included one write-in vote for Batman, the Black Labrador.