November 15, 2018 By Technology Bethel Off

Periodic: A Monthly Blog Feature

An occasional review of items that caught our eye in BPL’s magazine subscriptions.

The publishing industry is well-aware of how all media are affected by technology, and we see them exploring new ways to make their products appealing and relevant.  The September 23 “Listen to the World” issue of the New York Times Magazine is a case in point.  Except for the table of contents, and the puzzle and contributors pages, there is no text – just full- (or double-) page color photos.  

While the pictures on their own are engaging and intriguing, most of us will miss the “thousand words” that normally accompany them.  And that’s where the innovation comes in.

Readers wishing to access the stories behind the pictures can use their phone, computer or tablet to listen to a track of the text accompanied by ambient sounds.  While we can’t swear this is the first time a publisher has done this, the fact that no less an institution than the old Gray Lady (as the Times has been called) has, is worth noting.  

Follow this link to try it out for yourself: