January 3, 2018 By Technology Bethel Off

For Valentine’s Day, Have a Blind Date With a Book

There are no awkward questions, no forced conversations, no judgmental looks, no need to call. Just have a blind date with a book! Sure, it might turn out to be a dud, or it could be the diamond in the rough you wouldn’t have given a chance otherwise. There’s no knowing until you check it out.

Just come to the Library and select your “blind date,” a wrapped Library book, to surprise and delight you! Then, be sure to stop at our Circulation Desk to check it out. Bring it home, unwrap your book, and begin reading your Blind Date Book!

Don’t worry: if you fall in love, you’ll have three whole weeks before it’s due. And if you don’t like it, you can bring it back early and nobody’s feelings will be hurt.

We hope you’ll let us know what you thought of your Blind Date Book!

(Please note: This promotion has ended. We hope you’ll join us next time around!)