November 8, 2017 By Technology Bethel Off

Changing with the Seasons

The leaves are falling from the trees and there is frost on the ground. The seasons are changing, and so is the Bethel Public Library. Library staff have been busy reorganizing to provide more engaging spaces for our community. If you have not been by the Library in a while, stop in and see the improvements that have been made.

On the Library’s first floor, bookcases have been rearranged to create more open space in the Children’s area for kids to play and learn. In the Circulation area, access to our most in-demand items has been improved. On the second floor, in our Teen space, improvements have been made to create more workspace for individual study and group work.

Not only is the space in your Library changing but so are the services being provided. You can expect to see more programs being offered on both a monthly and weekly basis. With a Library full of talented staff, you will be sure to see many entertaining and interesting programs.

These are only the first steps to create a more community-friendly Library. In the new year, you can expect to see open makerspace areas in both the Children’s and Adult departments, along with exciting programming to complement these new features. Keep reading to find out what other interesting things are happening within each area of your Library!

~Megan Dean, Library Director