July 5, 2017 By Technology Bethel Off

Have You Heard the News?

By Lynn Rosato, Library Director
July 2017

The news has been spreading slowly and quietly but, yes, if you have heard that I am retiring, you heard correctly. After 17½ years as the Library Director, I will be retiring on August 31. My first 13 years was certainly a focused and challenging effort to complete the new library building. And sometimes, the most difficult of challenges brings the greatest reward.

Bethel has a beautiful library building, with a most dedicated staff and board that continue to move the Library forward with new and innovative programs. We are seen as leaders within the Connecticut library community and are admired by many of my colleagues. There is much for which all of us can be proud. In recent years, I have truly enjoyed working in the finished library, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to appreciate what we achieved together as a community.

I won’t say exactly how long I’ve been a librarian, but it has been a few decades, anyway, and I certainly will miss the work that I have so very much enjoyed doing all of these years. I especially will miss the many supportive people with whom I have worked, the friends I have made, and those who have helped me succeed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead your library.