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You Help Shape the Library’s Future

By Lynn Rosato, Library Director
January/February 2016

In 2014, we started the planning process with the hope and expectation that we’d get a lot of input from you, our patrons, as to the direction you’d like to see the Library take in the coming few years. You didn’t disappoint! Several hundred of you participated either by completing one of the three surveys we conducted and/or participated in one of the several focus groups that were held during the winter of 2014-2015. By spring of 2015, we had collected a wealth of data and began to formulate a three-year plan.

The heart of the plan comes from the input you gave us. The plan addresses the major areas of concern expressed by you, and will guide both the Library staff and the Library Board of Directors in achieving the kind of library you desire.

Although the Library is already engaging in many of the activities outlined in the plan, we intend to enhance and expand upon our efforts. Statements like “provide a variety of programs for all age groups” are pretty general, but we’ll use the individual suggestions that were made to bring you the types of programs you’re looking for.

Also, we know that the plan has to be flexible because needs and desires evolve over time as new services and technologies emerge. We’ll always work to incorporate these into the Library’s overall program of service as appropriate, and will continue to consider your suggestions as well.

To read the full Long Range Plan for 2015-2018, please visit the Library’s website, or pick up a copy at the Library.