October 13, 2015 By Technology Bethel Off

Masks Throughout History Around the World

Have you seen our latest exhibit?

October is definitely synonymous with masks, but they have a long history that goes well beyond scary disguises. Masks have many purposes and have been integral to human societies ever since early man donned antelope horns before the hunt.

In your hometown library… come see a variety of masks and learn about their uses throughout time and around the world! Masks have been used to invoke deities during religious ceremonies, to help actors portray characters in performances, to decorate for celebrations, to protect the face during battle, and so much more! In creating this display, we discovered some very interesting facts we think you will enjoy. We even have some information about the well-known Topstone mask factory, founded right here in Bethel!

Thanks to staff member, Catherine, for curating this exhibit, on display now through Halloween, October 31, 2015.