July 2, 2015 By Technology Bethel Off

Find Book-R.!

We’ve got a new buddy here at the Bethel Library, but we’re having some trouble finding him.  This mischievous fellow keeps giving us the slip, so please, help us find him!

You’ve heard of “Where’s Waldo,” right?  Well, this summer we are introducing our own version: “Find Book-R.,” or to give him his full moniker, Book-R. T. Duckington: the “R” stands for “Read!”

The children and teens have their summer reading contests, so this is our way of encouraging our adult patrons to get to know us better.  Throughout the summer, we will post photos from Book-R. whenever he hides someplace around the Library, and you will have a chance to guess where he is and help us find him.  Book-R. is a slippery ducky, so we are sure he’ll move frequently throughout the summer, donning different disguises.  That means you will have multiple opportunities to play – be sure to check the summer reading page often!!  Photos will be posted in the Library, and online on our Adult Summer Reading Page.

Please note:  Book-R is only 2 inches tall — he’s a very young duck — so he can squeeze into a lot of little nooks!

To find out more, click here to visit our Adult Summer Reading Page!