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3D Printing is Coming to the Library

By Lynn Rosato, Library Director
July/August 2015

Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Bethel Public Library, and fundraisers held by the Library Board, the Library will purchase a 3D printer this summer. The printer will be the focal point of our new Innovation Station maker space. Other equipment that will be added are five Raspberry Pi computers—small credit card-sized computers that will be used to teach programming.

A maker space is a place where people come together to create with technology. The maker space movement has been in libraries for about 5 years and can be anything from a dedicated room filled with all sorts of technology-related equipment to a small corner of a room with only one or two devices. The Bethel Public Library’s Innovation Station will start as a mobile technology lab that can be transported from room to room for use in a variety of programs.

Initially, programs will be targeted to the young adult audience, with programs for adults and children being offered over time. Library staff will provide instruction on programming in Scratch and Python, explain the basics of computing hardware and software, and design and create 3D printed objects.

The Innovation Station will provide a long-term service for the Bethel community that will have a high educational impact. Stay tuned for updates as we get this exciting new program under way!