May 14, 2015 By Technology Bethel Off

Important Changes to Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL) – What it Means to You

  • reQuest, the statewide library catalog and automated ILL system will not be available after June 30, 2015.

  • Patrons will be able to search and request items through the Bibliomation catalog, as always. Please note: many Bibliomation libraries do not allow out of town patrons to place requests on some types of materials: new books, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs. Please contact the Bethel Library Reference Desk at 203-794-8756, x4 or click here to place your request for audiovisual materials.
  • After June 10, Bethel patrons will be able to request materials from non-Bibliomation libraries only through the Bethel Public Library unless their library card is registered with this library, in which case patrons must be willing to travel to the library and pick up materials themselves. To reserve materials patrons should contact the Bethel Library Reference Desk at 203-794-8756, x4 or click here.
  • In the absence of a statewide automated ILL system the Bethel Library might not be able to find and borrow some materials requested from non-Bibiliomation libraries. You will be notified of the status of your request.
  • It may take longer to process requests from non-Bibliomation libraries. In the absence of an automated ILL system, the Bethel Library staff will search catalogs of two consortia, in addition to Bibliomation. These are Library Connection (includes 34 public libraries) and LION (includes 29 public libraries) to determine if requested materials are available there. If materials are listed in these catalogs, the Bethel Library will make every effort to borrow them on patron’s behalf through interlibrary loan. Response time will depend on how quickly the lending library processes our requests. You will be notified of the status of your request.
  • Patrons may locate materials on their own in the libraries outside the Bibliomation system. Patrons may notify Bethel Library staff to let us know where materials are held. The Bethel Library staff will make every effort to borrow these materials on patron’s behalf through interlibrary loan. Click here to access the list of the catalogs of Connecticut Libraries.
  • The C-Car book delivery system should be running unless the State of Connecticut does not allocate money for it in the new 2015-2016 budget. Therefore, books and materials will still be delivered from other libraries to the Bethel Library for patrons to pick up.
  • The Connecticut State Library is planning to make a new statewide library catalog available in the Fall of 2015.

The staff of the Bethel Public Library thanks you in advance for your patience and understanding as we will make every effort to secure requested materials for you.