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By Lynn Rosato, Library Director
May/June 2015

If you enjoy borrowing materials from other Connecticut libraries, please read on…

What’s at stake? The Governor’s proposed budget eliminates all funding for, as well as the statutes that govern these programs:

1) Connecticard was established in 1971 and allows Connecticut residents to borrow from any public library in the state. Last year Bethel residents borrowed 25,542 items from other libraries.

2) Connecticar is the delivery system that transports books and other materials between libraries. Without this, there will be no interlibrary loan.

3) Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC) negotiates deep discounts with vendors for purchasing books, audiovisual materials, supplies, databases, programs, and furniture on behalf of all public libraries in the state. Their efforts enable us to make our already tight budgets stretch a little farther. CLC also provides many continuing education opportunities each year at very affordable costs to libraries. For one example, Bethel Library staff attended classes to learn how to use WordPress so that we could convert our outdated website, and take over its maintenance on a permanent basis.

4) Grants to Public Libraries governs how we provide services to you, our patrons, giving free and equal access to all. By submitting an annual report, libraries receive a small grant. Last year, Bethel Library received about $1,200 – small but every dollar counts!

5) Connecticut Education Network provides free internet connections for all public libraries and schools in the state – again giving free and equal access to all. Without this support, the Library will have to absorb this cost – about $5,000-$6,000 annually.

Please click here to view a PDF on how you can help.