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Planning for the Future

By Lynn Rosato, Library Director
November-December 2014

During the summer, the Library Board of Directors conducted three surveys to elicit feedback from both library users and non-users. The surveys were quite successful with over 500 responses to two of the three. Some questions generated over 100 comments!

Then, in October, several focus group sessions were held to gather additional information as to how well the Library is doing. Those who expressed interest on the surveys in participating were invited to attend. We wanted to know both what we’re doing well and what we’re not doing so well. The participants were asked for input on the Library’s strengths, changes that might need to be made, and how the Bethel Library might look in the future.

A lot of information has been received and there is a lot of data to analyze, all for the purpose of planning for the future. The remainder of the fall will be spent organizing and prioritizing survey and focus group data, and during 2015, a Long Range Plan will be formulated.

As with the surveys conducted in 2009, many suggestions can and are being implemented right away and don’t need to wait until the formal plan is written. Grander ideas may need to be researched, priced and included in future budget requests. All suggestions will be considered.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Library staff, I thank everyone who participated by either taking a survey or participating in a focus group discussion. Your input is valuable and valued, and we will do what we can, over time, to realize many of your requests.