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A Quiet Corner

By Lynn Rosato, Library Director
May-June 2014

Our library has become busier and busier since we opened in the new facility last May. So even though there are many places to go to read a book or magazine, work on your laptop, or do research, at times it just may not be quiet enough. The solution for you may be the Seelye Family Local History and Quiet Study Room. This sunny space is warm and inviting, but most of all quiet. It’s meant to be used by individuals who not only want to research local history, but by those who are looking for a really quiet place to read or work independently.

There are a few rules that have to be followed, but they are in place to protect the valuable resources kept in the room. You will be asked to keep your belongings in a locker – we’ll provide the lock – but you may bring in whatever you need such as a book to read, your own laptop or tablet, or paper and pencil. There are three independent work stations along the west wall counter as well as two tables for two. There are a few comfortable chairs for reading, and the room is equipped with three computers and a printer. Staff also is on hand to help with research and to answer questions.

Click here for the Local History Room hours, as well as links to the room’s Usage Procedures and Policy.