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The Dawning of a New Page

By Lynn Rosato, Library Director
October-December 2013

Joe and Janet Mauro may not be household names to most of you, but at the Library they have been around for nearly 20 years. During all of that time, they have been working behind the scenes, volunteering their time with maintaining the Library’s website. They have given countless hours to this project, saving the Library – and the Town – tens of thousands of dollars in website maintenance fees.

From the very beginning of the World Wide Web, Joe and Janet have been there guiding us with design, development and ongoing maintenance as the site changed and grew over the years. But, alas, as all good things do, this, too, must end.

For personal reasons, Joe and Janet are no longer able to provide this invaluable service for the Library. While Joe worked from time to time on development, Janet has worked tirelessly with posting updates to the site on a weekly basis. There are no words that can express how truly grateful I am for her unwavering commitment to the Library for so many years. All of us who work with both Joe and Janet will miss them greatly – though we do expect to see them using the Library as regular patrons!

Not to worry, though, the Library’s website soon will be in the capable hands of Library staff. Since January, we’ve been preparing for this inevitable changing of the guard. We’ve reviewed every page, every link, and every drop down menu to determine what should stay, what should go and what should be revised for posting on the new site.

The Library’s website will have a brand new look, and the layout will be different, but most of the content that you currently access will still be there. Staff has been trained to use Word Press and is in the process of converting the site. Look for its debut on or around December 1. And while we’re sad to lose such dedicated volunteers, as Joe and Janet have been, we’re excited, too, as we take on this new challenge.