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We are accepting applications for volunteering. If you fill out an application now, we will notify you that we have received your application and we will place you on our waiting list and contact you when we have an opening. Please be aware  that volunteer positions are extremely limited.

During the school year, students need to be at least 12 years old or in 6th grade to volunteer. During the summer, students must be entering at least 9th grade in the fall in order to volunteer.

Fill out the online application below. You will then need to come to the library with a parent or guardian in order to sign the form before work begins. Contact the Teen Services Librarian with any questions.


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The applicant and a parent or guardian must come to the library to sign the application before work begins.

Please note that Library volunteers are not covered under the Town’s Workers’ Compensation policy because they do not meet the definition of employees of the Town.

I, __________________, Parent/Guardian, understand that my child is not covered by a Workers’ Compensation policy while volunteering at the Bethel Public Library and that he/she must attend a one-hour orientation session before beginning any regular volunteer hours.

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The Bethel Public Library reserves the right to limit the number of active volunteers at any one time because of the need for staff supervision and training.