Founder’s Day 2018

Sunday, September 23rd, from 1:30-4:30 PM, we will be hosting Founder’s Day at the Library and everyone’s invited!


On the lawn, there will be outdoor games, crafts, and parlor games from the Victorian Era. A spoon egg race is planned for 2:00 PM and potato sack race is planned for 3:00 PM.

In the Seelye House, will be playing jacks, pick-up-sticks, dominoes and other period games. There will also be period crafts such as paper marbling and paper stamping. Maria Parloa’s famous cookbooks will be on display.

Join us in the Lincoln Courtyard at 3:45 PM for the story of our founder, Maria Parloa, told by storytelling musician Lenny Levine.


No registration required, except for day-of registration for the races. See you there!

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