Find a Book

To locate materials in the Library, please consult the Catalog.

You may access the Bethel Public Library Catalog from the dropdown menu or by clicking here.

Here are some searching tips:

Title search
If you know the book’s title, you can search for it. Select Title search from the dropdown menu and type the title in the search box. If you do not know an exact title, you should try a keyword search.

Author search
If you know the author of the book, or if you are interested in other works by a favorite author, you can search for that. In the search bar, type the first name and last name of the author and select Author search from the dropdown menu.

Subject search
If you know what you want to read about, or you’re searching for particular information, but you don’t know the title of a specific book, try a subject search. A subject that is too broad may turn up too many results, including other related subjects. A subject that is too narrow may not be cataloged. If you don’t find quite what you want the first time, try searching using different words.

Keyword search
The Catalog will let you search by a keyword or words. For example, searching on the keyword “French” would find any book with that word in the title or bibliographic description, be it about French cooking, French tourism, or French history.